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The average American can expect to change their career paths around 5-7 times in their lifetime. Additionally, a third of the American population will change jobs every 12 months on average. The days of starting at the bottom of a company and working till you reach the top have long gone. Loyalty to one company has given way to diversifying ones resume and capitalizing on new opportunities that allow individuals to quickly ascend the corporate ladder. The question is no longer, “What can you do for me?” It’s “What can you do for me now?” Given the diversity of career options and opportunity in America one must weigh the potential benefits of a career change against any potential ramifications that could impact one’s career and financial future as well as one’s family and relational dynamics. The reasons for such changes can be complex and difficult to work through. Setting aside time to thoroughly examine what may be in your best interest with an objective professional can be invaluable. Remember that stressful and emotional times call for reasoned approach.

Common reasons for career changes include:

  • Frustration and disillusionment. Not using my best abilities in my current job.
  • Redundancy or business closure.
  • Working in a diminishing industry.
  • Realignment of personal/spiritual values-midlife re-evaluation.
  • Dislike of the organizational culture you work in.
  • Financial opportunity.
  • Burnout.
  • Title advancement.
  • Corporate relocation.