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Why do people cheat? It’s a common question and there is not one simple answer. It could be said that people step outside of their marriage either emotionally or sexually because their needs are not being met with their partner. Whatever the reasons, the bigger question is…can a marriage survive an extra-marital affair? The answer is a resounding YES, if both partners want the marriage to be saved. Unfortunately, infidelity is an increasingly common relationship issue. We have done a lot of marriage counseling at our practice and we work hard to help couples, not just with infidelity but with building an affair proof marriage!

When couples have relationship struggles, whether infidelity or just unresolved conflict issues, it can be necessary to seek outside help. It makes sense that when couples are unable to create positive change on their own, that they enlist the help of a professional who has experience in teaching new skills and techniques that encourage relational growth. Unmet expectations and decline in intimacy and relational connectedness can leave us feeling resentful or stuck. We can help you both rebuild trust, learn new conflict management techniques, and understand your partners love language and attachment style. These skills create a renewed enthusiasm for the relationship and can help a couple feel a closeness that they have not experienced in years.

Whether you are deciding between marriage or divorce, or your marriage could just use a good tune up, we are eager to help. Please call to schedule an appointment or request a consultation online today!!