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The Weekender

The Weekender

The Weekender

What is a Marriage Intensive?

A marriage intensive is an all inclusive 3 day counseling event for couples who are struggling in their marriage. Intensives are designed to get to the root of the issues while working one on one with your therapist in a beautiful and secluded setting away from the challenges of daily life. In weekly 50 min counseling sessions, couples unpack the events & struggles of the week, address a challenge or two, then go home & wait for next week's session to try again while you’re making more problems, especially in crisis. Intensives allow each couple the time to focus, uninterrupted, on getting their relationship or marriage to a better place quickly.

Heritage Marriage Intensives provide hope for couples who are struggling. Each intensive is unique to the needs of each couple. We create an experience you won’t forget!

Is a Heritage Intensive right for you?

Not all couples are in crisis, but sometimes a marriage intensive can be uplifting & a worthwhile investment to keep your marriage fresh, focused, & vibrant.

What’s involved:

  • 4 sessions prior to doing the retreat
  • 8 Couple Evaluations 
  • 4 post intensive sessions

Heritage Intensives address a variety of needs for struggling couples including:

FAQ About The Weekender

Do marriage retreats work? 

Like everything in life, success that can be attributed to a marriage retreat depends on the effort and commitment made by each individual to strengthen the bond of their relationship. Statistics do however indicate that there is an increase in success when couples attend marriage retreats or intensives.